35 weeks & 3 days

So I thought I would just give a general update on how I'm doing... As you can see from the title of this entry I have just over 4 weeks until my due date  We went shopping yesterday to get lots of things for my hospital bag as I am getting it ready and I have to tell you it is so strange packing outfits and nappies etc for the baby as much as I am totally ready for her it is so odd actually picking out stuff for her and packing her toiletries etc although it does put a huge grin on my face everytime I add something to the bag Struggling a little bit with mobility at the moment as my rheumatoid arthritis has been affected by the extra weight I'm carrying since around 32 weeks and also for the past few weeks have been suffering with pelvic gurdle pain so I had a group physio session on Tuesday for PGP and learnt alot of excercises to help which are great and also I got issued with crutches but they are a Godsend.