January 6, 2011, i went to St. Louis, Missouri because I had heard about this orthepedic surgeon who could possible help me. I went, not completely sure tht he could do surgery, but if he couldnt, he'd at least give me some answers. When we were talking to him, he wasn't saying "if" he could do the surgery, he was saying "when"; so obviously he could help me. I was in total shock and when it finally sunk in I blubbered like a big baby, because all my life i was told "nothing more we can do" , then he comes along and fills me with this hope! it was so emotional. my curve is currently 110 degrees, he said if left untreated it will continue to curve till my spine would eventually collapse.
I will be having the surgery in 2012. January 19- traction for 6-8 weeks, March 22- first surgery, April 12- second surgery.
Starting with 110 degree curve, coming out with only 15 degree curve.
IF the procedure works as planned :)




here is the website of the edoctor.