Hi everyone.   This has been a slow day for me at work.  Boss is out of town today so there will not be mail sent to me.  Makes for a hard day to pass time because no matter what I have to be here for the phones.  For those who don't know I work out of my home for a company based in Dallas so I depend on my fax and e-mail for work to come in.  I am feeling good now after being on celebrex for a week now.  Was not able to lift my arms up to even reach dishes out of the cabinets, now I can.  I have had joint problems since I was 12 and usually do ok without medication but for some reason I had a flair up and had to go on medication to calm things down.  Thank you for all the support about my father-in-law.  He is doing great and from what we are hearing going to be able to leave the nursing home in 3 weeks.  Since we are in Florida and he is in Oklahoma we sometimes don't get clear information.  For his sake I hope he can go home and enjoy life out of the nursing home.  For being 96 years old his mind is sharp, his body is just a bit tired. Hugs to everyone and god bless all of you.