I never feel anything but "okay" lately. Sometimes I wonder what that means, but I'm not complaining. A month or so ago I was incapacitated with fear and dread. Now I don't really feel much of anything at all. I think about food, my family, and not much else of substance. I usually am just thinking of what I'm focused on in the moment. I am fine with that for now.
I am happy with myself because I got in 600 calories workouts even though I worked two seven hours shifts these past two days. I had to get up really early for the first half and stay up really late for the second half of the workout, but it was definitely worth it. I have peace of mind and working out always makes me feel at ease afterwards. I also love listening to music during the workout.
Not much else to report. My dad brought me home a few slices of watermelon tonight because I mentioned earlier today I really wanted some. I ate it right up and it fills me so much because it's all water, so I haven't been ready to eat dinner yet even though it's past midnight. But dinner is made and I will probably eat it around one. I am having a baked potato with fake butter spray and two soy nuggets, yummy =)
My dad also bought me a book today "Eat This Not That" which tells you which foods you should eat at the supermarket brandwise, aka this brand as opposed to that brand. I am looking forward to reading that because I am always making food shopping trips harder than they need to be and if I know this stuff ahead of time I can just get in and out of the store. 
One last thing: my dad brought home coconut cupcakes as well. There are four of them sitting in the fridge and I hate that they are there. I binged three nights ago on two cookies, a cup of frosted flakes (no milk) and some tuna over lettuce with kidney beans. That is not even a "binge" technically I know but the way I ate it felt out of control and like a binge. So I am scared I am going to do the same thing with the cupcakes. I really am contemplating throwing them down a sewer. There is so much junk food in my house, it makes me so anxious.
Anyways, that's me whining. Hope all is well with everyone!!!