Well, I haven't really stayed as updated here as I would have liked, but I'm certainly going to try more! I miss the support, and I miss the chance to talk to and help others. I miss this site!!!
Well, long story short, the situation with my ex is explained in my last journal entry, but I've been completely miserable without her for the past three months, so two nights ago I dropped a letter into her mailbox saying I missed her and to text me sometime. Who knows what will happen. I am hoping for the best, I have nothing to lose here anyway.
The college anxiety hasn't been so bad lately, but I think it's because I've been pushing it away. I took a tour of a really small liberal arts school a few towns over and really liked it there. Who knows where I'll end up, but for right now I'm paralyzed with fear afraid to go anywhere, and I hate myself for that.
I don't really have much to say today, America's Got Talent is on tonight so that's good. I plan on having a hard boiled egg and a baked potato, plus some lettuce with rice vinegar as dressing (I know, I know...I'm weird, but it's got zero cals and it super yummy!!!) I am excited for dinner and my show, I always look forward to the routines I get into.
Hope everyone is having a good day! =)