You girls are so awesome!! Thank you so much for your support!! So, I have really good news! My brother is coming out the day after my mom gets out of the hospital and is staying for the two weeks that she needs someone with her. I will only be responsible for driving her to doctors appts and helping her with her brace. I am so relieved. I almost feel guilty for being so pleased about it. But I know that it is best for me and baby.Probably, my husband would have liked it better if I would be gone for a while! I have not been sleeping well at all and I worked my butt off this week! Great week! Big things happening! But, on the flip side, wow am I freaking exhausted! Last night, Valentine's Day, I get home at 9:30 and I am immediately revolted by the state of the house. My mother gave me that gift that I FINALLY accepted! She paid for me to have the house cleaned today! So last night is the night I freak out about the pigs we are and how is this poor woman going to clean around the clutter? And I wasn't nice. This morning, I got out of bed when the alarm went off which has been super hard because I am awake so much during the night, but I threw all the clothes in the closet, cleaned up the kitchen a little, and stacked the mail and the magazines...Let's summarize: I LOVE BASILIA!!! SHE IS A CLEANING GODDESS!!!!My house is beautiful! I was investigating and thought that the floors might have been missed but then I opened the fridge and she had taken everything out and wiped down all the shelves and I think the floors are beautiful too! It smells good and I am soooo happy!! I think I will be so much nicer to my husband now! It is raining outside and it cold by Arizona standards and now I can crank up the heat and lay with the dogs that don't seem to stink as much even though I don't think they have been washed but maybe DH did it and I haven't been home long enough to realize it! OK, so I have a volunteer commitment from 9:30-1:30 on Saturday but it's at an art festival so that is always fun (except today when we were trying to sell wine tickets in the rain!) and then I get to come home and enjoy my lovely clean house.OK, so, baby seems fine! Had my last U/S with RE on Monday and it was a little sad saying bye for now but he is very close friends with the OB he recommended and he told me some stories that made me feel grea about going to him. Then, a few days later, my friend asked me who my OB was and when I told her she freaked out!! "I LOVE HIM!! I met him when my friend was having surgery and I liked him so much, I switched! He looks like Magnum PI!" Haha! So, it must be a good thing. I will let you all know after Wednesday!HUGS AND BABY DUST AND LOVE TO ALL!