It's been a long week for me. Last Thursday, after Sara got home from school we went down to our local police department per the DA's victim assistantce program, to file charges for assult on Sara. We got the run around again. The on duty cop said that if the assult happened at school it has to be handled at school. We showed her pictures of Sara's face and then she called the cop assigned to Sara's school. The school cop told her that when Sara returned to school on Tuesday, after the holiday break she can come and see him to fill out a report. "Let her know that it doesn't mean that anything will happen or anyone will be arrested."   I am so done with this hold that the school has. I know that they are waiting till Sara graduates in June. Thats fine. I have a letter already written to go to the Office of Education as well as her high school. We have one year to file a claim. We are going to file a claim in small claims court as well.    My husband knew how stressed I was getting from this so yesterday, Sunday, we went on a date. He took me out to breakfast, then we went to the lake. I didn't do any fishing I just rested and took in the sceanery. He caught three trout and released them back into the lake. The boat ride was just what I needed. I hurt today but it was worth it.