I think I need to up my iron intake as I am very lethargic and I'm not sure if it's just the heat.
I got into a habit of being a little obsessive with the bf and topics related to jealousy, envy, so I went ahead and sort of burst open with it, which was interesting, painful, humbling, and he's pretty attentive to the whole situation and maybe a little guarded/I don'[t know.  Anyway I tried to hold it in and it came out.  So there I'm not perfect I deal with jealousy/envy sometimes.  Sometimes it's good to communicate about those things that inspire the ugly feelings and get a better understanding, but sometimes the person offers lack of self understanding into their own behaviors which I seemed to notice.
This week I was like needing time to myself, just burned out and sort of grumpy, and I maybe could have expressed that need better, I am just really in a funky sort of way, rather apathetic and lazy, though keeping up with the basics - diet, walks, yoga, daily meditation, making bed, doing spiritual readings, walking dog, keeping up with grooming and basic chores, seeing bf, going to local meetings I don't need a bus or ride to, doing some recreational reading, sunbathing, swimming, some hiking, making tie dyes here and there, a little bit of internet, keeping on top of my unemployment benefits situation, doing some decluttering and giving stuff away to Goodwill which sounds great.  Anyway I guess those are the basics, above and beyond that seems overwhelming.
Want to:
Call sponsor more
Go to meetings I have neglected (Al Anon, MA)
Organize/edit photos
Get up earlier
Eat less sugar
Budget better with expenditures on food
Make amends/do thorough inventories
Job hunt
Consider car hunting.
And I get "suggestions" from bf and I'm like stop!  Don't tell me what to do.  I'm rebellious.  Thank God Mom is off my case.  I think I give her more rent $ than dad does now so maybe she's letting up on me.  I don't share about my "rut" in meetings but I do feel in a rut, haven't looked for work seriously in a long time, frustrated with no car, tired of living in clutter, feeling unbalanced with making bf a priority sometimes above myself, my little itty bitty to do list, or reaching out.
This too shall pass.  God is good, life is good, gratitude helps.  I'm grateful to come online, probably need to more.