Making habit of counting my food items at days end.  I'm glad to be eating better.  I tend to eat snacks instead of 3 meals a day.
A lot of growth spurts at work.  Some issues occuring and getting resolved, and others surfacing - I am part of a sick oranism.  In some ways it is healthy.
I am having a hard time with my role in picking up and spending time with J, and even time with his Dad T which is far far less.  I enjoy company with him - sometimes.  He's rebounded and such an unrecovered Al Anon, and asking me some Al Anon tools lately. 
Sometimes I'm absolutly exhausted and just want to retreat and rest and do MY routine - I have neglected this.  I am giving - of my time, money and help.  And what about ME?  It is up to be to get my own recovery - no one will do it for me.



hi Loved!, one thing my sponsor shared with me is the following when it comes to doing for others:

do I have the time?
the ability?
and desire?

if they are all aligned, then the time is right,
and if not, then not :)

not sure if this can help :)...First Things First :0)


sorry.. just going..
not sure if all of this helps


and for me, since sometimes I have litmied resources in terms of money,
I try to ask \"can I afford it?\"....just another thought