I experienced how unfocused I can become when I am tired / overwhelmed / in general.  I notice it in my mom, too. It's like I have to force myself to stay on one task at a time.  I get distracted by a million things and continually sidetracked.  It sort of explained my procastination.  And how I start many projects but finish few.  Also the clutter around me.  I find reading is a good way that I stay focused, when I'm in a good book.  I saw a friend and my lack of focus was real apparent to me in my conversation and I feel a lot of shame which is weird.  The work we're doing, some writing on Al Anon step 1 is real insightful, but painful to see my insanity in my trying to control people and how I've been affected by other's addiction / alcoholism as a way of life. I'm really enjoying my vegetarian diet, walking doggie in the AM & getting sunshine, my Slash autobiography book, my bed and electric blanket, doing my jacuzzi routine and yoga class at the gym, being single and not dating. I'm having a hard time hearing some people share in the AA meetings who I feel do not work a good program and anyway one in particular who went out with my ex I was like, I'm not staying to hear her share with me in my lack of focus it was the last thing I wanted to sit through, and I missed out on 1/2 the meeting.  I felt I had something to share on recovery and didn't want to wait through discomfort in listening to speak up.  The AA program is about the steps and I'm becoming sort of intolerant of some of the BS I hear go on.  There but by the grace of God go I and I have bs and drama, too. Just feeling a little frustrated lately and with PMS week my goal is to avoid caffeine and sugar and to get as much exercise and sunshine as I can.



Right on for electric blankets and safe warm beds, sunshine, pets and exercise. Taking loving care of ourselves is the best way for the rest to fall in line!

Your Friend,