Dealing w/ some love addiction issues with this T person.  He invited me to church, and he said he takes J, the guy I last had these issues with who I haven't seen in over a month.  T also said he'd call me in the near future and maybe we  could go to coffee, if that was ok with me. "Alright".I went to a meeting he attends and he said he almost called me the night before to do something, that he decided not to go, and I was busy anyway. He walked me to my car and said "see you around".  I think I am a little standoffish and I'm considering calling just to say hi. I am still wanting to avoid J for a few more weeks, to go along with the goal.  I know the love addiction originates inside me, but whe someone shows interest it can sort of develop it in me.  I guess I have to start with me. I am very much in need of decluttering my room, desperately.  I also need to get back into a healthy yoga / gym routine.  I have Christmas gift preparation to do, and good books to read.  I have othe friends to call.