Last week was really tough.  This week I end up with a job Mon-Fri, a place where I was in May-July, so that is cool. I had a conversation with one of my couple crushes I can think of J which was sort of exciting since I am rather shy.  We found some stuff in common regarding music and some strange synchronicity happened afterwards which I am hoping to talk to him about, yet also I know I can practice the "one day at a time" motto to maybe not rush into something.  What a concept!  Then yesterday S remembered my name this time and I got a nice greeting and smile. So after some turbulence I am trying to live one day at a time and to use my God Box to surrender my issues to God.  I got a lot of sleep last night which I need with starting this job.  I am hoping to get in a routine that includes walks outdoors and some time at the gym, as well as keeping up on a good variety of meetings.