I considered asking a woman in Al Anon to sponsor me or if I could call her today, but habit took over and I bypassed it! I got to lead an AA meeting which is always interesting to think about what came out of my mouth! I did one day of work last week as a background actor which I enjoyed, and I'm really digging my book on Jim Morrison "No one here gets out alive" a good book is awesome to have. I got to lead an MA meeting last week which was really good to get connected with some other potheads in recovery. I've been trying to do some things around the house even though it's hot. I went to karaoke Fri which was a pretty good time, I really do enjoy it. Today walking home from dog walk I had a guy I recognized stopped in front of my house, he'd seem me walking. I finally remembered he is the son in law of my ex bf who I ended a very dysfunctional relationship with last year.  Anyway I asked about their family members since I am not in contact with my ex, and I asked if he could give him a book for me, I have an advanced readers copy by his favorite author I got donated to me and wanted him to have it, even though I have no contact (weird I know - I don't hate him just want nothing to do with his dishonesty and abuse).  Anyway so this guy is asking me if I have a bf and why not and if he could have my # to keep in touch "No not right now" - talk about inappropriate!  Ew.  Anyway just weirdness and creepiness, where did THAT come from?



EWWW...is RIGHT! and YUK, too. thats just wrong (him askin for ur #, and i one of my BIGGEST peaves is when a guy says \"well why dont u hava bf??\" how irritating!) and like one would really wanna hook up w/a \"family member\" of an ex anyway. wow, guess that musta hit a nerve w/me, huh? lol
anyway, i totally admire that u are comfortable/able to go to social things like karaoke. i kno that ur sobriety time is MUCH MUCH greater than mine, but i just cannot imagine being able to hang out at a social \"thing\" where drinking is the biggest part of it. (im assuming that this karoke was @ a bar) i sometimes wish that i could, just to be able to GET OUT & SOCIALIZE! but then i think, again!
well hope u find a job of some sort very soon, i will keep u in my prayers. God bless~~~