I followed through on getting some exercise at the gym last night.  I attempted the stairmaster for 20 minutes and lasted less than 4, and got a bruise on my shin!  Something to work for I guess.  I was on 50% level, next time I'll try the easiest - it felt great to get my heart moving, but it was way too much.  I went ahead and got on a too slow stationary bike for 10 minutes which was too easy.  I did the yoga class which was a workout, one hour.  I considered another class afterwards, kick boxing - another time. I did yoga 10 minutes this morning instead of my usual 5 - they are both too short but progress is a good thing.  It helped with the soreness from last night's class Work is a little stressful this week.  I hear they're in the hole 1/2 million - and it's such a small company!  Though they do pretty big jobs for well known chains.  No sign of change in sight.  Part of their motto is to go above and beyond when it is not economically feasible - they may want to look at that, but it's out of my hands.  Intention is everything!  Anyway I am just here as a temp and I know I need to remember God is my source so I don't end up with all this economic insecurity - my savings is gone and I'm getting behind on rent again and still not wanting to give up on "luxury" items - just stuff I enjoy doing that I don't necessarily need, or convenience food shopping. I'm doing well on my vegetarianism and got some vitamins that seem to be helping.  I am moving away from the dairy which is a good thing, and craving it less - it's all about taking the time to make substitutions that are appropriate. I am so proud of myself for not dating for a few months or for even remotely going after anyone, if in my mind a few times, that's it.  I am rereading "he's just not that into you" because of the stuff I've settled for all my life - it is really inspiring.  I love the author Greg Behrendt he really puts it like I need to hear it. I am excited to attempt to see a concert tonight and wish for the best, turning down a less desirable, but still cool option (another smaller concert for free) in order to see a show I'll never forget - God willing.  It brings up a lot for me to go into the city and set myself up to try to get into a bartering situation - there may be tickets for more than I have the $ for.  Anyway I'll just let God take control and do my part.   I've never had to miss out so far, even for sold out shows, though once I gave away my free pass.  Anyway it's a hobby I don't do so much anymore so I am pretty excited - we all need things that motivate us.  (I may see some people from my past which is kind of scary or interesting!) A dear friend tells me to pursue my writing because he sees it's a passion for me and that I will make the world a happier place to be able to be happy and take my smile out into it all.  It was so wise and so sweet, and I really appreciate him. Friday I received free concert tickets from work and was able to invite my friend LC, who I became separated from the whole time, which was pretty ok with me.  I think he's nice.  He's going to try out for American Idol, I think that's awesome.  I am glad I can support him - he is a great musician.  I'm glad we're friends and I didn't have to make a big deal out of having a pretty much crush on him - I don't have to act on that stuff though there is in some instances mild flirting.  I don't want to be a "cougar" even though he's said he's been with older women - I don't want to be an older woman, but I guess I am!   I was able to invite another friend who is pretty much a girl I have been closest with over the past years, though she wouldn't know it.  We used to work together before the company folded.  It is nice to have people to be in touch with.  She had really wanted to go and so did her friend so I was glad to invite them.