Dealing with infatuation and realizing I don't have to apply my issue to the other person involved and not make a big deal out of it.  I feel so young I was like this as a youngster and off and on in adulthood and it is recurring. I went to a 70 year old's surprize party and we saw Mariachis at a Mexican restaurant and had a ball, a group of nearly 20 women on Father's Day.  She was so surprized an emotional as she saw each one of us. I am tending to beat self up lately and self esteem is suffering. I guess with the issue of love addiction it is coming up to get some healing and that doesn't come from getting the other person to reciprocate the feelings - in fact when that starts to happen that's when the obsession really kicks in - it is a chance to grow in relationship w/ my higher power. My exbf from last year texted me - I turned it off in Sept to avoid his stalking, which I avoided.  Anyway I turned it back on Monday and yesterday he texted that he loves me, and that he heard I'm pregnant, congrats and he hopes it works out for me - untrue!  I ignore it but it hurts a lot. A friend says he is trying to get a reaction - on Father's day, him knowing I had a hard time on Mother's  Day, and that it was hard that he had a vasectomy and I couldn't "Procreate" w/ him - such a blessing in disguise!Anyway, I guess even though I haven't talked to him since Sept he still is stalking me, because I've insisted he leave me alone, and he won't.  It is quite upsetting actually.  The less I react the better, but I do need help for the pain it causes.  It makes me think a bit more before letting people get involved w/ me. Turn it over.