I felt very tired this weekend and had some nightmares the last couple nights - they go hand in hand.  I found myself sleeping in this AM.  I don't need an alarm because I don't start work until 11am, but today I realize I may need to start setting it just in case, as I have been known to sleep till 10:45am sometimes!  Sleep is so important and I tend to require more than 8 hrs a night. We are not keeping puppy in the laundry room to sleep lately and he has been creeping in my room in the AM to sleep with me for a while.  It is quite nice.  He came in during the night.  It's kind of peaceful. Dad took me to dinner last night.  He suggested Indian food which I love and it was quite nice.  It's been a long time since someone has taken me to dinner, especially a nice one.  R was very poor and considered some fast food places expensive.  My last boyfriend took me out very frequently, and sometimes to nice places.  I am socially awkward.  I just remember what an old friend told me to do when a decade ago I was nervous to go to dinner with my dad (he was coming to town and bringing me my mail when I lived in the big city) - she said to just smile a lot.