Work was quite slow today.  I am treated like an outsider since I gave notice.  I am not included in the upcoming details of the week following next, when I will no longer be in this position. It is hard to let go and not want to be part of something I care about because I don't agree with much of how things are done here.  I am starting to tell more students I won't be here after next week.  This is hard.  I need to trust God that this is the way it is and accept it. Poor R is in his VA addiction treatment program and as of today all of those who came in at the same time as him, a big handful, are officially relapsed and either out of the program or in the process of getting kicked out or trying to return. He is the only one who has stayed, and is very insecure with needing help for rent.  I've been helping him a bit, as I could afford it, and told him I will need to hold onto my money as I don't have a job lined up yet.  I realize he has Al Anon issues as I do, and I tried to share with him. I had a 2nd girl ask me to sponsor her today! I am glad I said I'd think about it as I wasn't sure, and this is a great tool to buy some time and think about the decision. I am leaning towards yes, even if temporarily.  We'll talk more tomorrow. I saw a beautiful purple and lavender and hot pink sunset.  I got to swim a bit today and use jacuzzi, too short of a time, but got some stuff done before work.  I am quite devastated to think of not being able to attend my noon meeting with another job, and this is a very real downside to losing this job and schedule.  God, please help. I get to go meet with my new sponsee and talk about some step one work on unmanageability.  I'm grateful to be in this position to focus on what I need. I did some inventory work to share with my sponsor tomorrow. I need to give that stuff up to God.  Today the meeting topic was resentment and I am so grateful my program gives me tools to let go of those.