I went for a massage Sunday, how wonderful.  It was a Thai massage.  The bed is on the floor and they get on their knees and put their whole body into it and it is so interesting.  They stretched and bent me.  What a nice treat, one I hope to include in my life more regularly. Well the ex is being so nice.  He is really trying.  I am seeing he is really doing a lot better in some ways.  Part of our relationship started in 12 step meetings and I watched him find a higher power.  He had turned away from his higher power and is turning back, and it is nice to see.  Anyway he is not the well-est person on the planet, anyway I love him anyway and it feels good to have grown into a more self caring person through our absenses and differences, I am not so dependent on him.  We are having good conversations.  Anyway I am cautious. My counselor postponed our appointment today.  I take the evening off work for our appointments.  I went to the gym instead and walked doggie and watered plants in the yard. I watched a Peter Sellers movie from the 60's "The Party" Friday night.  It was so cute.  One of my favorite movies has him in it, "I Love You, Alice B. Toklas".  It is outrageously funny to me.  There is a guy at my temporary job, we are both volunteers there, and there has been a mild flirtation between us lately.  We were talking about the movie I saw this weekend and it happens to be one of his favorites, and I told him about the other one, and he told me to email him a link.  Anyway it is just sort of fun.  He is nice and it is good to see the world as bigger than just my limited vision sees sometimes.  So he had told me to email him a couple weeks ago and that he'd invite me to one of their next parties they throw.  I thought about it.  The email with the link has been sent.  Anyway I am not dead.  I don't know.  I'm not even sure if it is flirting or not, oh well.  I am only human.  I tend to befriend men much more easily than women, and have male friends, though I'm shying away from men because of the ulterior motives that can usually interfere with a friendship. My sis referred me to this evening job.  In going through stuff w/ my family, it is nice that we have some stuff to talk about to bond us and connect us.  I am grateful for my family. I got a lot of cleaning done this weekend, and things feel so much better.  What a nice way to live, with things clean and fresh. I like my job.  I got to work on art gallery wall labels all day.   I've had the house to myself and internet access at home the last week.  Starting tomorrow I will be back to having limited internet access.  I mean I can go online at my evening job, I just know the information is not necessarily private so I am not sure DS is the best thing I need to be using on the job.  We have been told our internet use is not necessarily private.   Do I risk it?  I am not supposed to be using non-work related internet, though I tend to see this not always being practiced by others.  I have recently started viewing private email, pushing the limit.  I miss you all and feel the absense of your presense in my daily routine lately.  Maybe someday I will have my own computer or more time to go online elsewhere.