I told a friend bunny ran away, and she'd thought she'd seen her that day. The bunny was a couple blocks away from my home in a yard next door to a yardsale where my friend was.  They tried to catch her and she wondered if the bunny was mine.  I believe she was Little Bunny.  I hope she is safe somewhere. I have a cousin dealing with his mom, my aunt w/ cancer, and he is needing support.  He is an active alcoholic and not in a great postion to be her caretaker, but he's the one.  He is a bit driving me crazy but I am trying to be there for him.   She is on pain meds and he's worried they could be lethal and he is the one giving them to her, and he is a mess of anxiety.  He is doing ok in his condition.  I can't tell you how frustrating this is.  I need to surrender them to God.  I talked to him for an hour and he just worries so much, and I try to help him make sense out of it.  She needs more professional care and I hope she can get it. I come here and hug my friends and will have to catch up later.  I don't have computer access like I did the last couple months and I miss you all.  My parents are on vacation for a week so I do have computer access while my dad is away for now, since when he is here he is always on it (gambling addict).  Otherwise I'm sort of hit or miss here. The ex gave me another text-he still misses and loves me alot.  No response from me.  I have started to have a couple flirty feelings for men.  I do wonder about the ex.  I am keeping my distance.  I have a long ways to go to heal. I felt so stressed after phone call with cousin, I came on here to get updated on my friends journals here.  Thank you.  I journal daily for most of my life and making some of my thoughts public here and reading others is truly a blessing in my life.  Thank you.