I've been emotionally abused yestereday by the man in my life.  It escalated so much so fast.  I was accused of false things and had my words twisted and have been raged at.  I asked him to leave me alone.  It is hard to not want to defend myself.  I feel like the wind has been knocked out of me today.  I am grateful for my counseling appointment and for being able to come here to DS.  I am at work.  I want to cry.  It hurts so much to invest my life into this person and be treated like I have ill intentions. Each time I go back the relationship hits a new low.  This is the lowest.  It is up to me to keep my limit when I asked him to leave me alone and told him I won't be returning his calls. Well it rains today and I sit at work answering the phones, the operator of a large community college.  I watch "Hell's Kitchen" online, I am grateful for online TV.  It is ok if I have to get up and cry today.