I am super excited today.  I woke with a burst of energy (spring time?).  I ran errands be fore work and on lunch break.  I'm too busy so I have to moderate this so I don't crash because I am also overly tired.  Just happy to be living and experiencing my life.  I am enjoying life today. Something bothered me.  My ex off and on boyfriend who I am currently this week just not seeing, only talking with, told me he had a gift for me and asked if I'd be coming to get it before Easter.  No, I am too busy, could he bring it to me?  No response.  I felt fed up about this last night and was able to "turn it over" (to my higher power).  So I finally asked him what's up.  He said it's alive, a dwarf bunny, I think he quite likes it.  He surely has a less grueling schedule than me, maybe I'll let him keep it.  I don't know if I want to "go there" to see him, it was so awful Sunday, the last time I saw him.  I am fed up with how it is and it is not getting better.  He is not well and acknowleged that he is unable to be supportive to me.  He has mental health issues, growingly apparent to me how serious they are.  Sigh.  He has this sweet side that I just love.  Anyway I am finding myself so much more detached from his responses this week, just looking at them without reacting or taking them personally, seeing his behavior for what it is.  He's not well right now.  And I don't have to get all codependent and try to help him with it.  That is empowering. I have a cool day planned Saturday.  I get to go into the city to a meeting and see my sponsor (rarity) there because a couple of friends and I are going to see a dear friend in the hospital nearby.  Thank God for my AA/MA (marijuana anonymous) fellowship, it gives me good friends. I was thinking about my life today, the phases, good choices and bads, strengths and weaknesses.  I am truly grateful for my life and my experiences and memories, even the bad ones, because hopefully I can learn from them that I need to change and get help to do that.