Let's see if I can put things in perspective.  Finding gratitude for my challenges is a great tool. Overworked this week. Gripe-  Mon - Thurs I start at 7:30am, work 8 hours, drive 15 mins to other job for 5+ more hours until 10pm (except Tues I got to have a few hour break in between jobs for a meeting where I was called on to share ((YAY)) and counseling session ((YAY)).Plus- This is temporary for this week.  I am making money I need.  I like the jobs and have free time during them.  I am saving money in the meantime bringing meals from home. Gripe - Relationship frustration, stress, dealing with grief and loss as I see it for what it is, not what I want it to be.  Tug of war with him, not quite where I'd like to be as far as letting go, moving on.Plus- Awareness is the first step to change.   Gripe - I am stuck in denial or confusion sometimes and  I stay put. Plus- I can be aware (though painful) I have some power to do something about it.  Besides, loss leaves me open to something new/better.  Even being aware I'm still not ready to completely let go yet is ok.   Gripe - I mean I've told him how I feel, that I don't see a future for us.  When he acts as if it doesn't matter, like it was just a bad day, I could go along.  Plus-  I see I need work to do with boundaries, assertiveness, self esteem, support system and codependency/love addiction. Gripe - Need for assertiveness in job situation.  Dealing with new bosses, new work at part time job at night.  I am realizing the hours may fluctuate eventually.  I have a job opportunity for seasonal temporary work I enjoy coming up after I am done with this temporary job during the day.  I am nervous about an unpredictable schedule for my new part time job that could interrupt temporary work commitments.  I think I need to step up and tell new boss I have an opportunity and just let myself take the opportunity I want and not let fear keep me from pursuing my job interests.Now if that is not stressful... maybe you can see how my brain can drive me crazy!Plus- Let go Let God!  I am ok!  I will not fall off the face of the earth if things don't go "perfectly." Gripe- I love this temporary day job.  It will be over maybe as soon as about 1 week.Plus- I will always have the memory with me. Ok I guess that is good for now.  SIGH.  Trying to keep things in perspective here.