32 more days!!!!!!!

    Well there you go ya'all its 32 more days left that Im single. Thank goodness.  Well Its been a while since I have writen a jurnal so I had a few minutes and wanted to say a few things to who ever may be interested. first of all Hello all of my online friends here.   Well Ive been doing quite well lately I have been very busy I dont know how Ill do this when its my daughters wedding WOW. Things have been going well too. I acually got my daughter to the Dr. she is not been diagnosed bi-polar but she is on the same meds now as me . the Dr. said that genetics played a big part in meds so he said he would start her with what I take.  She only has been takeing it a week but I swear iit seems to be working. She has already taken the initiative to fix what she messed up this year in school. She may have flunked out her first year of college hope not. Ill keep ya'all informed.    Chad and I as always are doing great. the dogs are well and the weather is BEAUTIFUL!!!! that helps me alot. well ill see ya all soon .