I'm feeling a little down tonight. Tomorrow is my 3rd wedding anniversary and its bothering me so much that I never got to celebrate my first. Bruce and I met in 1997 one night seeing a band. I had gone with some co-workers. The band was called the Fools. They used to open for more popular bands in the 70's and 80's. So It was a blast from the past. Anyway the place was packed and I offered Bruce a place to sit with me and my friends. He was so sweet and he thought I was so nice to let him sit with us. He walked me to my car and asked me for my # and said he would call in a few days. The next day I was taking my daughter and her friend pumpkin picking and when I got home my Mom said he had called. I was surprised he had called so quick. Our first date was to see grand funk railroad. Another 70's band. He was a man after my own heart. We shared the same passion. A passion for music. Over the years we had gone to many concerts, it was fun reliving our teenage years. We found out that the Fools were going to be playing at the same place we had met. They were going to be playing right before our 1st wedding anniversary. We were so excited Bruce wanted to go up on the stage and tell the guys that we had met 9yrs earlier,at the same place seeing one of their shows. He was so proud. Unfortunately he never got the chance. He was gone, gone forever. I sent an E-mail to the band and thanked then for the good times and told them my story. They were so nice and sent me a letter of sympathy. I miss those fun times we had together. This summer there are going to be a ton of concerts and I know Bruce and I would be at atleast 3 or 4 of them. For sure we would be seeing Billy Joel and Elton John. I think I'm going to ask his best friend Rob if he wants to go see a show with me. In Bruces memory.. I'm sure he will