yesterday I went to a frinds surprise party. There was  a women there that used to be my boss. She lost her husband 12yrs ago.She asked me how I was doing since Bruce had passed. I told her I was doing good and that I finally feel like I am really healing. That I still miss Bruce but am adjusting to my new life. She said its the same way for her. She said that she still has sad moments. She said she drove by a place where they had their first picinic and it brought tears to her eyes. She said that you dont forget your loves and never really stop grieving,you just learn to live again without them. I believe that. She is doing very well, she had a tragic car accident and lost her leg and started a foundation for other amputees. She works, lives alone,enjoys her friends and family. She lives her life and enjoys it, all while grieving her husband for the last 12yrs. I told her that for me as long as I know I can still live life and enjoy life even knowing that a bad day can pop up here and there then I can and will survive this.Even if I'm doing it for a 100 more years.