The bathroom is almost done. The shower was grouted today. Just the finising touches and I will be showering at my own house for the first time in a month. Yahoo. It has taken longer than expected,but I must say it has been a nice distraction. Bruce has not been my #1 thought for about 2 weeks. And though I still grieve,it has been nice to have something else to occupy my mind. I wonder what he thinks about it. I know he would be bummed that I got rid of the tub. We talked about getting a whirlpool tub. But he was the tub guy and I was the shower girl.And it is a beautiful shower. Full size with a bench built in for shaving. I also know that he wouldnt have liked to spend the money. He just wanted to spend Money on fun things and I was the one who looked at thing realisticaly. We thought the tub was rotting and knew it needed replacing but had no intentions on replacing anything else, well good thing I did because under the tub was fine but under the toilet was totally rotted the plumber said it had been leaking for years and probably would have rotted through in about 2 years.. I will post photos so you can all see the progress. I'm glad I had it done.