Last night I was on the phone with Bruce's sister for 4hrs. 4 gruelling hrs. Bruce's Mom is 67 and is very forgetful and it has been going on for about 5 yrs now. She called me 3 times and left the same message on my phone in a 45 min. period. She makes plans for lunch then forgets and isnt there when you arrive,anyway it has been getting worse since Bruce passed then 6 mths later she lost her Mother. I am very worried about her and told her I think she should see her dr. She said she was afraid to find out what is wrong with her. Well her daughter is just pissed at her and said she is using the loss of Bruce as a crutch. I was so mad. She said her mom shouldnt be telling me this stuff she should be telling her own daughters. She said when she talks to her mom she tells her everything is fine and she's getting over the loss of Bruce. I told her thats normal because when your grieving thats what your trying to do is get over the pain. She was getting me so mad. Instead of having concern for her mom,all she could think about was herself and how her mom is asking me for help and coming to me for advice instead of her. She said she will do anything for her mom but I havent seen proof of that since I've known her. I told her that her mother shouldnt have to ask her for help,she see's that she's suffering she should be asking her mother what she can do for her. I worry about my mother in law because if she's like this now whats in going to be like if she lives another 30 yrs. Her kids already cant tolerate her forgetfulness and they live an hour away hows it going to be if she need to move in with one of them.I think they will put her in a home. And one of his sisters is a nurse,she should be more compationate.