Tonight I was browsing around reading journals when I came to one that talked about not liking to hear people asking how we are doing like they should be reading our minds about how we are doing. And how it is so generic. How do they expect we are doing. Then I start sending out hugs and find I am doing the same thing. I am asking people how they are doing and asking if they are well. And I sincerly mean it. We shouldnt fault people for not knowing how to aproach us. I'm one of you, a widow or a widower and I'm not always sure how to aproach the subject. I personally dont know how I am. I'm in limbo. I'm good one minute and not the next.And I know every one of us on here have the same feelings. My question is how can we expect people to know how we are when we dont know ourselves. So when I write and ask how you are doing know I trully care. And I know you all do too when you ask me. So when people ask us how we are doing lets try to understand its not easy for the people who have not lost a loved one to aproach us its not even easy for me and I've been there. I think people really care how we are doing and we should understand that it is a very uncomfortable situation for them.