Saw my friend Sandy today, I'm worried about her. She seems way too good,she says it still hasnt hit her and she hasnt cried. She said she is prepared for it to happen. It just seems odd to me that she hasnt cried and she talks about him as if he still here. I noticed when she talk about him she could barely spit out his name and would fight back the tears. I asked her to go to a group or something. She agreed with me that she ws trying to block it out and wants help but is not ready to face it. I worry whats going to happen when it does hit her. She works 3rd shift so I only see her when I work a late night or when she comes in to shop so I cant spend much time with her. Its hard for me to understand any other way of grieving but my own.And I know Bruces death hit me right away,I'm worried she's not dealing with the grief,she's almost acting like it hasnt even happened.