I am feeling so much better, not as emotional. Still a little worried about mondays test but not as anxious. Everybody tells me that its best if they find something now than waiting for me to have a heart attack. Theres still a chance they wont find anything and I'm worried about nothing. The hospital called and told me to expect to be there for 6hrs, they put in an IV  of some kind of dye and xray the heart resting,then have me go on a treadmill and xray the heart racing then wait 3 hrs and do it again. They said to bring a book. I'm bringing a book and my daughter. She can be bored with me. It was her idea to go with me I'm glad she is. I worked on Bruces garden today. It was a beautiful day. They said it was going to rain today. I'm glad they were wrong. I have the boarder all done. It still looks pretty blah but I have to wait for mother nature to do her tricks. Last summer family and friends put little triinkets in there. After I finish cleaning it out and plant some more flowers and add the mulch I will put the trinkets back. My sister sent me a stone that has a poem engraved on it and his name and dates on it. I will add that too. I cant wait until it is done and everything is blooming. Its so comforting sitting out there and having a little chat with him,letting him know what a mess he made of things. lol. I told my sistersinlaw I want to spend May 9 with them and would like to do it here at his garden. Bruce please make sure the weather is nice that day....luv ya