The wake went ok. I dont believe it has hit Sandy yet. She seemed too well. She could be medicated. I know I was at Bruces, but I got a little loopy and was like a drunk lady. She said she is trying to be strong for her husband and kids. She had 5 plus to step children. Her youngest is 20 oldest is 26. Josh was in the middle. I told her to make sure she takes time for herself. She said she was afraid she was going to crash. I was honest and told her she probably will and to let it happen when she does because holding it is will just make her sick and its just going to happen again anyway. Take it one day at a time. I hate to cry too but when I wasnt allowing myself to I was just prolonging the agony. I think she will be ok.She's a strong lady.I told her about this site and put the address in her card. I think she'll check it out. I told the girls to also.  After the wake I went to the Olive Garden and ate too much so went out and worked on Bruces garden for about an hour and a half. to work some of it off. I think I should have been in the garden for about 24hrs. to work off everything I ate. lol I'm changing the shape of the garden.I didnt like the way I had it.It looked too much like a grave site,which is not really what I wanted in my yard. I'm rounding it off and I went to the gravel place and ordered 2 tons of small boulders to use as a boarder and whats left over I'm going to finish off the other flower beds so they all match. It's getting delivered next thursday. I have next weekend off so I hope the weather is good for out door work.