I want to shake my husband and my oldest daughter until their stupidity and rigidity and self-centeredness and assholeness comes out of them and they can just see a point of view besides their own.
My daughter's annoying friend finally has gone home after perhaps some of the longest days of my life.
My husband has been home for 2 days now and I wish he would go back to work tomorrow.  Yes, I know tomorrow is Saturday but he throws a wrench into so many things that I need a break from him.  I'll just do the potty training and parenting on my own if he's going to be this rigid and an asshole.
He's always worried about what other people think.  That's why he helped with the potty training this morning and didn't do jack shit with it since.  Therapist here in the morning.  Not here the rest of the day.
His logic for my daughter's desire to do cosplay with her friends outside of comicon and parties is that "what will people think?"  Who gives a shit what people think?  SHe's not hurting herself or anyone else!
Daughter is fed up with husband. She feels attacked that we told her we were not too thrilled with her new friend. 
I have had one of the hardest weeks of my life and I'm ready for this to effing be OVER.
I think I need to get my daughter a counselor and I don't even know where to begin.  Where do I start?  She is so depressed.  She has quit marching band, wants to break up with her boyfriend, and is diving into anime cosplay.  No wonder with me for a mother, she's effing confused.  She feels like all she does is chores and watch her little brother.  Umm, not hardly.  But it's all about perspective.  How she sees it is her reality.
At least I know my reality around me and my reality in my brain are not the same.