300 things

raindrops roses whiskers kittens kauri trees salmon trout pork kisses yawns jug kettle crossword dog ivan table car snowlight sunshine books joe matches cigarettes roads nature surf crosswords hotels coffee telephone cards computer friends funerals weddings birthdays books letters rivers mountains stars astrology tarot tea breakfast lunch dinner yoghurt showers razors shampoo conditioner earrings daily strength sudoku jigsaws scrabble i ching tao poetry music bed sleep hypnosis washing clothes pens and pencils stapler photocopier........
I could go on!
Just want to say Hi to Joe who actually reads this stuff.
He has a few things going on-I wish he would trust me enough to share. Im not here to judge-Im here to be treated as I would wish to be treated, with agape, with love, with tolerance and a dose of humour when it seems its all getting a bit too painfully serious.
Nothing that he can say would phase me Im sure. But its got to come from him-I can't force him. I really hope he reads this and realises that I am sincere.
Ivan and I went to visit my ex today-giving him back the CD player as his one has crapped out and I can use Ivan's. Its so cool that we 3 are friends. He is helping a US performer organise a gig/tour in Aust and NZ. Hope it comes off.
Vic said I didnt have to write Journals if it's not fun so I will make sure Im in the mood....but I thought the point was you did it whether you felt like it or not according to Julia X. Must get a reply from Vic re this -please if you are reading.
That's enough dont want to over tax you guys!



He realizes you are sincere. I will speak to him about it next time I see him.