3 Most Well Guarded Secrets About Laos Tourism

This market has nothing for the local population. It is sleepytown everywhere, and I loved it. Personally it's a great time to visit before it turns into Hanoi or Bangkok (horror) especially if you're the type who hates tourist infestation.

Laos, to me, is like a best-kept secret for now. Visit them before it's too late. Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang seems like a sleepy town that has stopped in time.

Overall Laos is worth a visit. When I reached Luang Prabang and Vientiane four years ago, most people that I have met said that they found the place from the internet (or Lonely Planet). It seldom markets itself as tourism destination.

Therefore we and others have established Eco Tourism activities or better community-based activities which profit all sides, the Elephants, Elephant owners and families and tourists who come to visit the Elephants in Laos. But work in the timber industry is getting rarer due to the lack of forest, and the elephants that are employed on these concessions are often overworked, exhausted and even injured it makes sense to think about alternative ways to survive for the Elephants living in Laos. Rural tourism is not a simple and easily identifiable market segment," Mr Semone said.

Rural tourism may include niche tourism segments such as ecotourism, agro-tourism, and geo-tourism. He presented a six-part rural tourism house" with rooms for affordable luxury, natural adventures, niche segments, festivals and events, MICE, and culture and heritage. The range of products is very diverse and can include almost everything," the former Secretary General of the Malaysia Ministry of Tourism and Culture stated.

Dr Ong Hong Peng discussed rural tourism products and pointed out that potential offerings crossed all sectors. Mr Mingqua presented Anji's achievements including the first certified rural tourism destination and the only recipient of the UN Habitat Award. Shen Mingqua, Secretary of the Anji County Tourism Committee, then welcomed the 300-plus delegates from more than 15 countries to The Home of Asia Pacific Rural Tourism".

The 200-page document presents case studies on 14 rural tourism destinations in the Asia Pacific, including Huzhou. PATA Foundation Chairman Peter Semone then launched the UNWTO publication, Report on International Rural Tourism Development: An Asia Pacific Perspective". I fear that if ever this policy changed the country would be spoilt for ever.

Most of all I applaud the fact that only Lao nationals can buy land. The Lao govt has done some good Top things to do in Laos to protect Laos from inappropriate development and to protect its unique culture. It has a magic unsurpassed by any other country and in many ways I wish more people could experience it although I would also hate for this wonderful country to be spoilt by the type of mass tourism that has so damaged Thailand for example.

I finally returned in 2007 and have visited 4 times since. I first fell in love with it when I lived there as a teacher 1971-1973. A unified of Laos image and products will in return attract a broader number of travellers.