3 day versus 5 day UGGGHH

SO first let me tell you that I GOTTA STOP GOOGLING STUFF!!!! I know better! Last IVF i had a 5 day transfer and yesterday I had a 3 day transfer. I read that 5 day are suppose to be better! Now I cried and cried when I found out that I will have a 3day transfer. My doc and embroyologist convinced me of why, but now I feel like it's not going to work! Are there any 3 day transfer success stories. Lastly, I need to be slapped becuase I feel like I am not being thankful! It's driving me bananas! I just found out my brother has a newborn baby and it's not from his wife!! Now, here I am trying and trying and he comes along and has a newborn and his only son is 22 years old!!! Really..?? Anyways on a positive note.. I realize that at 3 day or 5 day that I have to release it to God. I believe it's up to him now...... I just needed to ven