Even though this my be all over Im still trying to find a way for her to see that I thing that she is wrong and give me a chance to be a better person to her There has never been ant thing really bad that has gone on between us and I dont know what happened other that she just isnt happy with the current situtation. Why do people wait untill it to late to bring these things up to each other.If I had seen what was going on dI could have made the changes before it was to late                                 I know that It cant be "fixed overnight" becouse it has been about a year of this going on. I only wish I knew that I was going in the right direction. Ive been told that there is no direction to be going in only saperate ways but I cant believe that. There was HAPPINESS once and it can be again but I dont even know witch way togo I love being married to this woman and to kills me to be going through this. What doent kill us only makes us stronger and boy am I getting stronger.