2ww almost over

Well my beta is tomorrow so the waiting is almost done.  I'm so grateful I had the distraction of going to NY to see relatives but, as I had to p/u my 24lb son at times, I was also a bit nervous about that.  Then again, many of us going thru the 2ww already have little ones & at some point have to lift them.  My overly analytical self has been questioning how I've felt the whole time.  Felt totally normal the first few days after ET...prob not pg.  Then felt tired..maybe pg but maybe just tired.  Then fine again..not pg.  But hot during the night which is unusual for me...maybe pg.  This 2ww is just awful.  But I'm cautiously optimistic after my HPT this a.m. as there was a line in the results window, although it was very faint.  When I tested the day before my beta last time around, there was absolutely nothing in the window.  Just have to wait a little longer.  If the results aren't good, I do have lots of frosties but I so dont' want to go there.  We shall see.  At least today will be busy & tomorrow too since I've been away.