2nd goal achieved!

I woke up this morning to a 182 on the scale. So I went to the bathroom, took a good #2, took my vitamins, went to take a shower, got nekkid and re-weighed, and to my surprise instead of seeing a 182.5 or 183, it read 180.5!!  
2nd goal reached!  SUCCESS!! 
I can't really complain about my weight loss, considering how much I've lost to date (115 lbs) and that I'm 15 lbs from my goal weight.  I'm losing at a rate of about a pound a week, which is pretty reasonable, when you step back and look at the overall picture.
The last few weeks I have only been getting to the gym 1-2x a week, but we do a lot of bowling too, so I count that as exercise as well, and on the weekend I'll go for a walk or bike ride on Saturday.  So while I feel like I'm slacking on my exercise, I really am not. I think that in my head I don't count it unless I go to the gym.. if that makes any sense, but in reality I'm still getting SOME sort of exercise in.  I DO know that if I made dedicated time for the gym that I'd probably be losing faster, but I can wait.
I went to the chiropractor recently and got xrays of my back, found out that I have arthritis in my lower back and in my neck, which explains why my lower back bothers me whenever I use the elliptical machine, but I keep using it anyway, cause I feel like I get a really good cardio workout on it.  I just take some extra Tylenol.  I find that I really miss running, but my knees just can't handle it.  I tried to run a little this past weekend and again my knees flared up, so I guess that's out of the question.
Anyway, just wanted to share my good news.  My new mini-goal is 175 lbs.  OMG.. I can't even believe I'm almost back in the 170s.. it boggles my mind.



All I can say is wow