2nd day back to the gym

Well, I made it, I managed to get to the gym again today and I am very proud of myself! I walked there, which only takes 5 minutes, then spent 30 minutes on the treadmill at what is now a brisk pace for me, but was once a leisurely walk, at 3.1 to 3.4mph, and at no more than a 3 incline. Then I stretched, did some forearm, calf and lower back exercises, had a little stretch, and then walked back home.
Like yesterday, I am having quite a few warm periods throughout the day, but I can get through those intermittant hot "flashes" until my metabolism gets back to it's new normal :) I have also looked into various Yoga studios and have a free pass to try out a few.
I am going for bloodwork on Thursday and I will be requesting a copy of my results so that I can learn to understand what is happening with my body.
Happy Tuesday!