A documentation of my health history since December of 2004:
In December 2004, at the age of 39 I was bitten by our family dog, a Beagle, on the foot.  The details of the bite aren't important, but it was on my toe, a hard bite and a puncture wound with a fair amount of bleeding. I hadn't had a tetanus shot for about 12 years, so I went and had one.
In January 2005, I went through a period of daily nausea.  The nausea would come and go, and did not seem to be affected by eating or not eating.  As I was due to turn 40 that year, I decided to go for a physical and to ask my doctor about the nausea.  I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and my doctor thought that possibly the nausea was a symptom of an ulcer. Ultimately the ulcer diagnosis was discounted.  The nausea stopped after a month.
Approximately one or two months into my hypertension treatment (via Lisinopril) I noticed a return of light-headed, spacey, dizzy feeling that I had had years earlier, in around 1997.  In 1997 it was thought I had idiopathic tinnitus with balance center involvement, and I had gotten used to living with it until it suddenly disappeared in early 1999.  After numerous visits to my doctor, it was decided to discontinue the Lisinopril. The “dizzy”, spacy, brain fog feeling continued, and remains to this day; eight years later.
In late 2005 I went to an ENT.  Again my hearing was tested and I was told that I had the hearing of a 21 year old.  The ENT didn’t think I had anything wrong with my ears, ordered a sinus scan, and said one of my sinuses was a little plugged, but not serious enough to cause problems.  He referred me to a Neurologist.
November 2005   Had MRI ordered by Neurologist.  She ordered the MRI to check for MS. My Father had died of complications of MS in 2003.  The MRI was clear.  The MRI was supposed to be with and without contrast (per the bill that I payed, cash) but I do not recall them injecting any contrast medium into my arm. Hence, I dot believe I had an MRA.
Other symptoms (and tests) I have had that may or may not be related to this condition are as follows:
Fatigue, feeling as though I am not refreshed after a night’s sleep;
Feeling as though my mental acuity is lessened, ie. I am unable to focus or concentrate, as though my ability to “multi-task” is no longer there; my memory is nowhere as it used to be.  Though I am fairly sharp, I feel as though my IQ has had about 50 points knocked off of it.  I am constantly foggy and even the simplest tasks feel overwhelming.
I have alot of "floaters", black ones in my field of vision.
Frequent PVC’s or other heart palpitations. I have had these most of my adult life.  Occasionally I will have spells that last a week or more.  Alternately, they may be nearly absent for several weeks.   These come on regardless of the circumstances.  I may be at rest, or I may be at work.  There doesn’t seem to be anything that is consistent, although I do sometimes notice them more intensely after I eat.  Sometimes I can go months with only noticing an occasional one, other times they last for days.
April 2005   Ct-scan for left sided abdominal pain.  Negative.
May 2005  Began Celexa 10 mg.
August 2005  Discontinued Celexa due to side effects.
August 2005 TSH test 1.73.  Have had several since that time, at least 4.  Last one in May of 2011, 1.00.
December 2005  Had echocardiogram for pulse issues.  Normal.
Sometime in 2006/2007  Had sleep study.  No apnea.  Slight breathing issue but not significant.
Early 2007  Started on Cozaar.  Added Beta Blocker (Metroprolol). Stopped Beta Blocker due to HR being too low; 47 BPM.  Added HCTZ.
May 2007   Had serious PVC issues with lightheadedness.  Went to ER.  Everything negative.  Sent home with holter monitor.  Saw cardiologist; said, “Yep, you get em'”.
November 2007  Had stress echocardiogram.  Results showed mild left ventricular hypertrophy. (3 year later repeat test said no LVH)
During 2007   Had several bouts of carpel tunnel like pain on my left hand between base of thumb and wrist.  Also, 2 years prior had same pain on top of left foot at base of big toe (top) and up towards ankle when flexing foot out straight. Both included numbness. Foot pain continued until 2009.
December 2008  Bloodwork shows elevated fasting blood glucose (112).  Possibly due to HCTZ use?
January 2009  Stopped Cozaar and started Captopril, due to cost.  Discontinued after 2 months due to headaches.
February 2009  Started Lisinopril again.  Stopped a few months later thinkng that it was causing side effects.  Not sure if I was right.
August of 2009 had a scan of my neck and head due to a fall and was told I have arthritis in my neck.
October 2009   Noticed enlarged gland in right side of neck below jawbone “hinge”.  Had ultrasound.  Enlarged submandigular gland.  No concern noted.  Slightly enlarged thyroid gland.
Early 2010   Pain in chest on swallowing.  Food felt as though it was getting stuck.
February 2010   Upper endoscopy.  Polyps in stomach. Negative.
May 2010   Had episode of vertigo while driving to work.  Felt as though things were moving, maybe an earthquake. I pulled over and realized I was quite dizzy. I couldn't keep my head upright, almost as though it was being drawn towards the headrest and it felt like my right face was getting numb. I thought maybe it was a stroke so I dialed 911. They came out and got me to the hospital. All the tests checked out okay and they said it was probably an attack of vertigo. I didn't feel nauseated however. They gave me meclizine which seemed to help and off.
September 2010   Cozaar starts to lose effectiveness.  Tried Enalapril.  Thought it caused muscles cramps.  Was probably wrong.
November 18th(?) 2010   Woke up in the middle of the night and didn't feel well. My pulse was up to 90 (normally always 60-75).  I felt kind of hot.  I laid down on the sofa for a while and then after an hour or so I sat up.  After sitting for a bit and sipping some water, I took my pressure and it was 180/118. I woke my wife up and we went to the hospital. They took blood tests, urine sample, etc. Gave me ativan and told me to call my doctor. Discharged with 150/100.
Next day spent the whole day in bed and checked my pressures laying down. I was getting 135/82 laying on my right side. However, whenever I would sit up, my pressure raised to 160/110. Went to the doctor's.  They told me to double my med and talk to them on Monday.
This was the first spike of that size I had ever had to my knowledge. 4 years earlier when I was in a very high stress period I had a reading of 180/111 for one evening, but it dropped 10 points a day after the stressful period was over, until it returned to "normal" for me.
November 23rd(?) 2010   Repeated stress echocardiogram.  Told all was fine.  LVH was deemed not present.
November 2010   Notice pain in shoulders and torso.  Probably had it earlier.  Didn't make the connection to alcohol consumption until later.  Finally I connected the pain to alcohol consumption. I noticed that after even the smallest amount of alcohol consumption, I would develope core muscle soreness and pain starting in my abdominals, up through my chest and into my neck and arms as well as my upper thighs.  I have been a regular 2 beer a day guy for years without any problems whatsoever. The only alcohol related pain I can find on the net has been from Hodgkin's.  Also, my kidney and liver functions all look fine.  The best way to describe the pain would be if you did some strenuous workout and strained your muscles. This pain/soreness happens anytime I drink alcohol of any kind, within 15 minutes after consumption.  Another pain related to alcohol finding is something called Prinzmetal's variant angina, that has been documented in a few cases.  I don't care if I can't drink again, but something tells me that this symptom is tied in to my overall feeling of fatigue and lack of energy.
Late December 2010 on Saturday (Christmas Day) I was getting pretty decent readings, 120s/80s. On Sunday my numbers started trending up, 140s/90s during the day and then 150s/high 90s in the evening. On Monday the same, but by evening it was getting much higher 170/110 with a peak of 180/120 or so. I decided not to go to the hospital as the last time they just gave me Ativan and sent me home. So, I took 2 Valium and went to bed and tried to sleep.
Had a CT scan of my torso in January 2011 due to unintentional weight loss and it revealed nothing. 
Throughout early 2011 I had a difficult time keeping my blood pressure under good control despite trying a variety of medications, including enalapril, diltiazem and others. In the Summer of 2011 I started taking Benicar (another ARB) with HCTZ (20/12.5) and it kept the number somewhat okay.  I find that pain medication (Vicodin, Tramadol) has the effect of lowering my pressure a bit as well.
Afetr a while the Benicar started to lose effectiveness, and so since June of 2012 I have been on a combo of Lisinopril and Diltiazem.  They keep the pressures "acceptable" most of the time.
I do notice, though, that when I do get these strange spikes in my BP that I urinate frequently, like five times in an hour and it is a fair amount, regardless of how much water I drink.
In early 2011 I started noticing episodes of pain that are a bit strange and hard to describe.  By the summer they had become an almost daily occurrence.  I would describe the pain as a raw, maybe burning sensation.  The location of the pain seems very consistent.  I get pain in my mid to upper back. This pain is a bit different as it isn't really a sore feeling, more of a burning, raw sensation that is not surface, but deep. The pain seems to travel around to my chest. I have an aching/burning sensation on my xyphoid process, as well as what can be best described as a deep burning or raw sensation in two fixed locations on my chest. These areas are about 3 inches below either side of my collar bone, or about halfway between my nipples and collarbone. It feels like the pain is deep and not superficial. If I lay on a hard surface with a heat back wadded up and put directly under my mid back, that seems to help. I also get a fair amount of pain throughout my chest when I stretch or twist, as well as pain radiating throughout my abdomen.
I am without diagnosis.   I take no joy in what I used to; reading; learning; creativity.  I have been robbed of these pleasures.  I feel as though I am not here; disconnected.  At best I feel “okay” first thing in the morning.  This soon ends after a half hour.  My feelings of spaciness are 24/7.  At its worst, I feel light-headed and dizzy as if I am going to pass out.  At its best, I feel as though I am not present, as though I am viewing life through someone else’s eyes.  My pain continues to increase.  My fatigue and lack of energy and strength also worsen.
I am sorry for the length of this entry, but doctor's have been of little value.  I have spent well in excess of 10,000 out of pocket over the years and still have no diagnosis, and no insurance. Who would touch me at this point, right?