General Update

Good Afternoon everyone, I am at work and so tired, I have a splitting headache today, maybe I will feel better later when I leave, I have a plan for tonight already, I will go home and take care of my pets and then go to the gym around 7:30, to do cardio and go to my body pump class, I know that will make me feel better, I always feel better after working out, I know that probaly sounds crazy, I can't explain it. I will not gamble today, and I hope everyone else has a gamble free day, I will try to check in later with everyone, but I think when I get home from the gym I will relax with a hot shower and a movie and then it will be time for bed, and a new work day, time just goes by so fast it is amazing sometimes, I don't think when I gambled time went by so fast, and I still wonder how I even found time to gamble. Talk to you all later.Hugs,Mindy