Another Day

Hey AllWell things didn't go as I plan I slept but didn't feel rested. Hopefully soon I will do a sleep study until then I have to feel tired. My doctor got blood work to check my thyroid I will call them tomorrow. I cancell my dentist appt because of a headache but it was more then a headache I didn't want to go. I wanted to stay in and be comfortable in my house. I don't know what happen just had these feelings I didn't want to leave. I chat with my professor today. We just chat and show off pics. It was the last class and it was optional so we had fun.Ralph cook supper. Builders came and work on the kitchen. Now we waiting for plumbers. Better be here soon. I'm tired of waiting.Well supper is over and I'm going to nap for awhile. So hope you all had a pain free day. Love ya allRobin