Hey AllDidn't realize I miss my journal yesterday. Didn't do that much yesterday but was hurting and it was rainy most the day. My internet went out a couple of hours before I suppose to meet for school but it was working by 8pm.Joey came home cake with mud from going into caves and its rain alot. Alex went to walmart with rhonda and joey and got his hair cut. He looks better with it short now we don't have to keep telling him to brush his hair. I had a pretty good day yesterday but by the time I finish school last night I was ready for bed. I was clean and survive another day. We were put in groups in school last night and my group was suppose to meet today but not everyone showed up so we will try it again.The desk isn't clean but I'm getting school stuff more organized. Played a game of chess with Alex and just hung around not much to do. I did one of my projects for class due wed got it done.Ralph has a little energy and Rhonda is cleaning downstairs.Rhonda was hurting yesterday shes having problems sleeping most night but slept better last night and Alex fed her breakfast in bed this morning.Smiling today and hope everyone has a pain free day. Love ya all and thanks for caring.Robin