Hey AllWell yesterday I spent recovering from friday was very busy Friday. Went to echocariogram and now have to wait til Friday of next week maybe results. Went to walmart,ceramic store and gas station so when I got home I was pooped. Then yesterday I rested and just chatted with friends. I did feel a little more energetic but my breathing problems held me to bay.Today I feel ok but my legs are really hurting. Its super bowl sunday so GO GIANTS!!!!!! Just relaxing and trying to get better. Another smile today,going to do bills soon, Nikki my dil is sick. Anthony works tomorrow. Joey and Alex is going to school tomorrow. Me and Rhonda is having girls day out on Tuesday. I have Therapist Wed. I also thinking to rest another week before going to meetings because its a long way to drive for me.Trying to get my health under control. Not losing no weight. I can't exercise. So thats about it. Have orientation for school tomorrow. Hope you all have a pain free day. Oh yea maybe work on house on Moday carpenters will be here i hope.  Love ya allRobin