Well feeling a bit crappy today.  I'm not sure whether I'm being parnoid or not but I think my symptoms are going/getting less.  I know they come and go day by day but I've not had much sickness for the last 3 days (being truthful I have had it every day but not for long usually when I'm hungry) and I've not needed the toilet so much in the night either the last 2 nights.  My breasts don't hurt that much too, but then they haven't much the whole pregnancy.  Ahhhh I'm going mad I think. I keep hugging my little girl thinking I'm so lucky to have her but I know I'll have to cope with another loss come monday.  I'm so pesimistic.  Now I have to decide if I opt for a D&C (quick way out with no pain but not practical with a baby already) or taking the pill that makes you miscarry (ouch painful and not a good option either with a baby to look after).   Decisions decisions, what do I do??????  Hubby not helping either.  He's not the most supportive partner but sometimes he can be quite cruel.  I said to him this morning that I think it will be bad news monday and he said well I'm happy its just the 3 of us, I don't really want another child.  Think he's only saying it to make me feel better but a weird way of doing it.  I guess he can't win whatever he says.  Or am I being stupid????  I do hope everything is ok.  I wish so much I could just have a normal pregnancy where I didn't have to stress like this.   I just read a post about a doppler that someone got theirs working from 7 weeks.  I have one from my last pregnancy and I remember reading they work from 9 weeks.  I'm tempted to go and try it but I know it will make me feel so much worse if I can't find anything, coz lets face it it will be very difficult to find it at 7 weeks.  Guess I'll have to wait till monday.



I am so sorry you are going through this. just remember you are not alone. I think I am going mad too!
I got my doppler yesterday and had the hardest time with it I was actually considering going to the ER! And my husband isn\'t the most supportive man either... but like you said, it probably doesn\'t matter what they say, it\'s a lose lose situation for them unless they can pull and ultra sound machine out of their pocket and show us everything is moving alone perfectly!
Just hang in there, your scan is Monday so you don\'t have long to wait. I think you should leave the doppler where it is for the time being and wait until you see a scan. Stop being pessimistic and try to believe the best. Hope and faith can take you a long way. Just remember symptoms do come and go... I spent a lot of time worrying about them too (I still do) but when it comes down to it the only way to know for sure what is going on is by seeing the doctor. Monday is almost here.... I have to wait until the 14th to see the doc again! Take some deep breaths and keep holding that little girl!