29 Days Smoke Free!! 8-17-10

Everyday gets better!! Happy to be a non smoker!!

Long day of work ahead of me Sacramento to Houston to Pittsburgh back to Houston then to. Phoenix !!! I think I will be exhausted by the time I get home tonight ... Well at least I'm off for another week till Sat! Not bad!!

Can't wait to see my son tonight!!

All my DS friends have a great Tuesday!!!



I still find it so very amazing the distances that we can cover, in a day, in an aircraft.

150 years ago, it would probably have taken a month to go from Sacramento to Houston via stage coach....and at least the better part of a week via train.

250 years ago, who knows how long it would take.

When you get above 3000 feet, you begin to see how rural our world truly is.

Fly a single engine aircraft across North Dakota...you\'ll see that there is plenty of free parking on the ground. Same thing goes for flying across South Georgia...well, not actually, there are swamps you do not want to find yourself in...

Have a great day!!!

Enjoy your week off with your son, once you get home!!! (((((Hugs)))))