So I thought I'd update everyone a bit.
I have made a huge lifestyle change, healthier in every way. Exercise, food, everything. I've tried to change my mindset, I've done it all.
Even a naturopath!
I've stopped seeing the naturopath. I can't afford $80 MINIMUM every fortnight on the $400 a fortnight I get - $200 for my contribution to rent. My savings is so low it's scary. To top it off it's being changed all the time, because things arn't working. I've been feeling ok..but since my last period pain has been creeping in, my body can't seem to function the same way. I can get my daily walks in but by the end of the day I'm so pooped!
So I thought my positive mind set would be enough.. it's not. I mean, it helps but when my body has had enough, thats not. No more, no go, no show.
I told my best friend, I am going to try to put up with this pain for as long as I can. Because I know if I go back all he is going to want to do is another operation to clean me up. I can't have those every 6 months. I have to DEAL with it...the best way and whatever way I can (responsibily of course). This is apart of me now, it's not who I am, but it's apart of it.  *sigh*
Stay positive... stay positive!



well....at least if nothing else you\'ve done all you can with this course of treatment and the point is...you tried. that definitely counts and i have to give you props for sticking it out and really giving it your all. so, let\'s see....you are not totally out of options. i know that i\'m on femara, but it\'s been a rough road and i\'m not advocating it until it\'s successful and i hope it is. still, it\'s an option. not expensive with the coupon from femara.com either...so that\'s a plus. it also doesn\'t cause the severe bone loss that lupron does. (from what i understand anyways.) what else??? pain management might be work for a while anyways in between surgeries at least...unfortunately tho, i know how difficult it\'s been for you to get proper pain care, so i\'m not sure how well that would work out for you. high doses of progesterone to put your body into a pseudo pregnancy like state??? that might be something that could help, but it\'s something my RE mentioned to me and i don\'t really know much about. worth looking into tho! so, hang in there sweetie. you do still have some hope!!! this is so hard...i know. i hate when treatments fail. puts me in the depths of despair. hurts me to know that you\'re suffering!!! lots of love, healing thoughts and courage to keep fighting. you are an amazing, beautiful, and strong person.

Hey hun!
I hope femera helps soon!
I was put on the progesterone but all I did was bleed...I dunno. I\'ll never let myself get too a point that is ridiculous...if it becomes more apart of day to day life I will go to the doctor again. He can just find something that does work!

Thanks for your thoughts.. I wonder if they would give me femera? No idea... but he will have to try something.. I know its not his fault if the medication doesn\'t work.. but he can\'t not try something.

Fingers crossed for us both, much love!!

My thoughts and prayers are with you im so sorry hun you are in pain like i know how it can take a toll on you.

I wonder if the offer femara here to us in Australia? ill have to look into it

Big hugs im here hun if you need to chat