Ok, so I binged for 2 days but I'm dealing with it as I knew I was going to do it. Feel lousy for doing so and have not been able to eat breakfast this morning as I could not face it.Fingers crossed I am back on track now (time will tell) and I know my next binge day with be New Years day! Does that sound wierd knowing or planning when you are going to binge? I will try my best not to do it until then. I know I will binge this day as I my sis and bro-in-law are coming over and I am doing a buffett so I know what naughty foods I will have! Have also signed up to fitday, a website someone recommended on here to tally of what you are eating and if you are doing enough exercise etc hopefully it will help as I want a diet overhall.Have brought all my chocolates and sweets that I hate into the office so they can pig out on them.  I really want to get over this and have a fab 2008. At the moment I am positive but who knows?