Hello,..  Well, Yesterday was a better day,.. My Little Brother Put the new Altinator in the Car,.. he was amazing,.. did it in a Flash and it works just fine,..  I talked to the Boss at work today and it went ok,... kinda surprizing,.. Im to bring there printer in this morning and he is going to try to fix the print qualitiy,.and I updated him and the other new boss on special projects I do for the company so they won't give all of them to everyone else,.. I took my laptop to the Shop they said It should be repaired in about 3 days,.. I miss it already,. I went to the MD that is Taking over for my Phsyc who passed away,.. it was not a good meeting was a total waste of my time as I imagined, and the Countys Money,. all he was insterested in was my Medication and Not talking about ANYTHING else, I feel I need the Talking and Figuring things out to be able to stop my Medication,..and that's something I wish to do as soon as Possiable..  Michael