Hello.... Im glad to know that I am Not Alone in this world, that my friends here are not forgetting me and are finding there way in here in there spare time.. I wish I had more spare time, and will do my best to come here and visit those of you who have made your presence known, and maybe a few that have not.Oh where should I start.. Last night the Counting was finished at work, trying to do Wrap up, and what happens to me,.. well, I got myself Thrown out of the store by the manager, he was saying so many "Stupid" things and treating us like we just started our jobs yesterday, ok here is what set things in motion.A worker forgot to write the total on his ticket, the Store was arrogantly pointing out Areas that were not done, = Like we didn't realize them, like DAHH our computer tells us..== as he was leaving he told us what the number was, so I put it on the ticket, also the area was not on my list of missing ones of course cause it was done..We told him we put the number on the ticket, then he asked so STUPIDLY if it was in the system,.. Like Come on now, would I just write down a number and Not Know it was in the computer first I told him Yes...WEll, he accused me of getting LOUD with him and told my boss to get me out of the store..I left, and was not sad I didn't stay but was angry cause he was just a jerk and not me...=================Ok that was Yesterday, I will write another entry for today...Michael